Setting up and using theme and page options

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options to set up your desired options. Most of these options are self-explanatory so you should just navigate to option you want to edit.

Under General Options you can find various options for page and general settings. First option is “Page Container Width” and here you can adjust your page container width, default is 1480px but you can adjust as you will.
To turn page preloader on or off, check checkbox button and decide which style you want to use and it will show before loading entire page.

Choosing website main color is very easy, just scroll down to “Website Main Color Picker” and choose color which best suits you.

Setting up your logo is very important so to do that, navigate to “Header Settings” and upload your logo. Be sure to upload light(white) colored and dark(black) colored logo so when you choose which header you want to use to be able to show them properly. Also don’t forget to adjust height of logo so it can fit perfectly. Default height of logo is set to be 20px, you can change that of course.

Also while you are under Header Settings, be sure to check every header type settings. We currently made 8 different styles of header just for you and every of these headers are unique and have it’s own settings. Under each tab you can adjust it’s header settings. It depends which you choose to use.
Under “Footer Settings” you can customize settings for footer and copyrights, choose background color or image, text, link and heading color and also choose on of 7 different styles of footers.

To set typography navigate to “Typography” section. We have integrated all Google fonts so you can choose any you like or if you prefer to use Typekit fonts, just head to “Typekit Fonts” tab and instert your Typekit ID and your fonts will be integrated. Under “General Options” tab you can select which font you would like to use for headings as well as for paragraphs. Under “Advanced Options” are detailed options for customizing your preferred font style.

One additional feature which we have provided for you is “Portfolio Side Menu”. It allows you to navigate to portfolio pages directly from your header side navigation. To include this feature inside your theme, navigate to “Portfolio Side Menu” setting and choose which layout you want to use and how many items you would like to see.

Sound Effect is also cool feature, be sure to turn it on and to upload your desired sound effects. You can use different sounds on hover and click events.

Under “Mobile Settings” you can choose which option you would like to show in mobile header, toggle which option you want to use.

Also if you want to use Google Maps in your website it is very important to insert you Google API key. Just head to “Google Settings” and insert your key there.

Please do not forget to click “Save Options” button. Whichever change you made always save options in order to see them apply.

For every page you create we provided additional page options which you can use to customize your site layout.
Under “Page Intro Settings” tab you can choose if you want to use minimal intro on your page to describe page features on beginning. Also you can customize that intro by choosing font color or background color or uploading and setting picture background, it is all up to you how you want to style your minimal intro.

For every page you can choose which header to use on that page. Do not forget to choose Header Style which is color of menu navigation. If you decided to use white background header or transparent with white background of page choose dark for header style to be able to see your navigation.

Page Border is great feature if you want add more color style to your page. If you decide to use page border on your page, do not forget to insert border size in pixels and which ever size you enter your content will fit perfectly. Also you can choose color of border and which style you want to use.

You can also choose if you want to show footer on page or not. Just toggle checkbox to get desired option.


  1. Quikseo


    I just buy a brisk agency theme from Envato.

    Getting this “Error: Internal Server Error (500)” during “Agency Demo” upload.

    Please help us.

    Thank you,

  2. Andreas


    we bought brisk theme a couple of weeks ago.
    Now we want to install brisk demo and we are getting this error:

    Internal Server Error (500)

    Please give assistance asap how to fix this issue.

    Thank you

  3. Brandfreakz


    there is no chance to change the copyright on the page footer.
    In the Theme options you can change the copyright but it only changes the one in the menu bar not in the footer.

    Please give assistance about how to change it, it appears to be a bug.


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