Using Blog Masonry Shortcode

Follow these steps :

  1. Add a Blog Masonry VC Element to the Page
  2. Select settings for Blog Masonry
  3. Hit update to make changes to your site


  • Choose in how many columns you want to show your blog items, you can choose from 2 to 5 columns. Notice that these columns are for large screens only, for smaller screens we created columns to fit perfectly so on any screen your blog items are show in best view port.
  • Choose one of 3 different blog layouts
  • You can choose to show pagination if you have more blog items. We provided three style of pagination for you, be free to play around and to choose whichever suits you the best.
  • For items per page, enter how many you want to show in current page and rest of them can be divided using pagination.
  • We added transition on items so your blog items can smoothly show on page. Choose whichever suits you the best.
  • Also you use choose to use padding an extra space between items.

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