Using Call to Action Shortcode

Follow these steps :

    1. Add a Call to Action VC Element to the Page
    2. Edit settings for Call to Action
    3. Hit update to make changes to your site

Choose settings which best suits your desires.

  • Choose one of three provided layouts for your call to action. Each layout has different style so choose one which you like the most.
  • Choose between background image/video and color. If you choose background image/video to use then you should upload your image or choose one from image gallery.
  • Overlay Image/Video is option to use overlay background color to set it over image/video. You can also set color opacity to make your image/video visible. Default opacity is set to 30%.
    Choose whichever suits you the best.
  • CTA Padding Size is option set for you to choose between 3 options. Use one which is best for you. Default is medium.
  • In heading area you should add title for your call to action element
  • In Subheading add your desired content
  • To use button just mark yes and button tab will show up. In next image we will show button tab properties.

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