Using Image/Video Intro Shortcode

Follow these steps :

  1. Add a Image/Video Intro VC Element to the Page
  2. Edit settings for Image/Video Intro
  3. Hit update to make changes to your site

Choose settings which best suits your desires.

  • Check parallax option if you want to use it for your shortcode. It will only work if you choose to use image/video for background instead of image.
  • Choose between background image/video and color. If you choose background image/video to use then you should upload your image or choose one from image gallery.
  • Overlay Image/Video is option to use overlay background color to set it over image/video. You can also set color opacity to make your image/video visible. Default opacity is set to 30%.
    Choose whichever suits you the best.
  • Image/video intro height is option to set height of your shortcode. You can choose between three options, 50%, 70% or 100%. Percentage is height of the screen.
  • Insert your title in title area.
  • Choose Title Font Weight for your title to be more visible.
  • In Subtitle area add your desired content
  • Choose Text Style for color of text. You can choose between black and white color.
  • Text Align option is for setting your text left, center or to right.
  • And for title you can choose one of predefined sizes, just choose one of options in Title Size.

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